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Hulmeville Municipal Authority

The Hulmeville Municipal Authority is responsible for providing and maintain public water and the sewer system throughout the Borough. The Water Authority (or Hulmeville Municipal Authority) was first organized in May of 1961. The Authority maintains no water storage or pumping facilities, but purchases water from the Bucks County Water Authority.

The Water Authority meets the 4th Monday of each month. The meetings are open to the public and are held in the Borough Hall beginning at 7 pm.

The Authority consists of five members at large. Each member serves a 5-year term. Current members of the Authority are:

The Authority also employs the following individuals:



The rate for water consumption is based upon how much water is used each quarter. The current rates for water for a residential occupancy are:

Quantity used (per quarter) Fee ($ per 1000 gallons)
First 5,000 gallons 5.52
Over 5,000 gallons 4.25
Note, the minimum charge per quarter is $27.60


For most sewer connections (industrial, schools, mixed used occupancies may be different), a flat quarterly rate is charged. As of January 1, 2015, the current flat quarterly sewer charges, based on the type of occupancy, are:

ClassificationQuarterly rental ($)
A - Private dwelling or living unit89.45
B - Fire house or municipal building89.45
C - Church100.46
E - One-family living unit, in which the occupant there also carries on a trade, business or profession (other than restaurant or bar)145.33
F - Commercial establishments not regularly dispensing food or beverage for consumption on the premises or discharing industrial waste123.85
G - Restaurant and/or bar which regularly dispenses food and beverage181.65
H - Hotel, motel or rooming house212.41
Where a restaurant or bar room is conducted in connection with any motel, hotel or rooming house, the sewer rental shall be the total of the rates set forth in both paragraphs "G" and "H" above 
I - Neshaminy Shore Club214.68
J - Sole Proprietorship145.33
Multiple use including apartments: in case of a combination of one or more private dwelling or living units or with one or more commercial establishment or apartments in one building and each having the use of the Sewer System through a single sewer connection, then such private dwelling or living unit and each such commercial establishment or apartment with the exception of "E" above shall be charged the foregoing rates as though each were in separate structures and as though each had a direct and separate connection to the Sewer System. 

Other Sewer Rates

ClassificationQuarterly rental ($)
D - Public or private school per pupil based on daily average number of pupils enrolled on days when the school was in session during the full school term immediately preceding the date of each quarterly bill. Teachers and employees shall be classified as pupils for Sewer Rent purposes13.08
(per pupil)

Industrial Sewer Rates

>The quarterly sewer rates are based on the quantity of water used as evidenced by the water meter readings, and are as follows:
Quantity used (per quarter) Fee ($ per 1000 gallons)
First 20,000 gallons 7.91
Next 80,000 gallons 7.29
Next 100,000 gallons 6.33
Over 100,000 gallons 4.82
Over 300,000 gallons 4.06

Initial Sewer Connection Rate

Initial charge for hookup to Borough Sanitary Sewer Collection system - $2,960.00


Act 537 requires all water and sewer authorities, including Hulmeville’s, to develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive official sewage management plan. In order to meet the Department of Environmental (DEP) required timelines for updating the Act 537 Plan, a series of meetings are planned by the Hulmeville Borough Council and Water Authority to prepare and adopt an up-to-date Plan.

One of the key provisions which may affect the Borough residents is a requirement to reduce the inflow and infiltration (I&I) to the sewer system. Failure to do so may result in financial penalties and/or system restrictions.

In order to meet the regulation, the Authority is planning on developing a plan and guidelines to reduce the I&I into the system. The public is welcome to attend and provide input into the Authorities plan. The following is the plan of meetings.

A copy of the Hulmeville Borough proposed Act 537 plan update is available for review.

2015 Consumer Confidence Report

The Hulmeville Municipal Authority (PSWID #1090140) reports that the 2015 Consumer Confidence Report, covering the 2014 calendar year, is now available. In 2014, the Authority monitored 6 potential contaminants in the drinking water. There were not any exceedances detected of the EPA accepted levels for drinking water.

Click here to view the 2015 annual water quality report and learn more about your drinking water. This report contains important information about the source and quality of your drinking water.

If you would like a paper copy mailed to your residence, fill in the information below and click the "Submit" button.

The 2014 Consumer Confidence Report, for the 2013 calendar years, is also available online. Click here

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