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Recycling Information

Hulmeville Borough supports the Bucks County Recycling Program.

Many household products contain chemicals that when discarded contribute to the contamination of our environment by contaminating our soil, air and water. A Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program provides the opportunity to reduce the amount of hazardous household chemical waste that is flushed down the toilet and kitchen drains, "disposed" of in the backyard, dumped into storm drains or simply disposed of in the municipal waste stream. These typical means of disposal are both hazardous to public health and unnecessary.

Yet, it continues because individuals are frequently unaware that many useful products contain hazardous chemicals. It is the consumer's responsibility to use and dispose of household products safely. Certain household waste should be brought to community household hazardous waste collection events for proper disposal.


Dates for the 2017 Hazardous Waste Collection Program have been set.

The dates and places in Bucks County are listed below.

All collections are held on Saturday's from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. unless noted otherwise, rain or shine.


A 2010 Pennsylvania law, which prohibits trash haulers from collecting old TVs and computers, places the responsibility for safe disposal of electronics on the manufacturers. Even though this state law requires electronics manufacturers to offer recycling opportunities for TVs and computers, those manufacturers are no longer supporting county recycling collections in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region. We have been unsuccessful in finding a contractor who will collect and dispose of electronics this year. This has become a statewide problem, and proposals for amendments to the Covered Devices Recycling Act are being considered. We have included in this package the information we have on recycling of computer monitors, TVs and other electronic devices.

Note, the EPA has a web site to provide guidance on how to dispose of used electronics. Visit the EPA web site for more information.


Pesticides such as Chlordane, Sevin, DDT or Malathion; Toxics materials such as weed killer, mercury, pool chemicals, photographic chemicals, rust remover; and wood preservatives; Flammable materials such as oil-based paints, varnishes, paint strippers, thinners, gasoline, kerosene, and other solvents; Caustics such as oven cleaner, lye, and ammonia based cleaners; and household rechargeable and button type batteries, as well as automotive type batteries.

At a combinations event, items from either list above can be brought as long as it doesn't exceed 25 gallons or 220 pounds. This event is not open to business, industry or institutions.

The regional collection program consists of at least twenty-five collection days scheduled throughout southeastern Pennsylvania, of which five are scheduled in Bucks County.

Whenever possible, material should be in its original container with an original, legible label.


The following are some suggestions on how to handle some of the materials you may have around the house which may, or may not, be accepted as part of a household hazardous waste collection program.

Call the Bucks County Planning Commission at 345-3400 if you would like to receive additional information.

For additional information, consult the following resources.

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