Biographical Information

Update your biographical information, then click the "Submit" button.

Note that you do not have to supply all the information. Only supply what you are comfortable providing.

To confirm that you are the correct person, I will send you a confirming email to your personal email address that I have on file. If I do not have an email address for you, I will get in touch with you some other way to confirm you are the one requesting changes. This may delay getting the changes updated to your bio.

NOTE: For police officers only the town/state will be displayed.
Others may also enter the town/state only.
If not resident, either leave blank or enter 'na'
If not on council, years in borough service/on police force.
NOTE: For police officers 215-757-1700 will be used.
For all others, if left blank, 215-757-6531 will be used.
NOTE: Your personal email will not be made public. It will be used for internal purposes only. The email displayed on your public bio will be your email.
Names, names and ages, your preference.